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11th Jan 2016, 3:00 PM in Larry the Librarian - Collections
Collections - Cover
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kidra 11th Jan 2016, 3:00 PM edit delete
I figured this isn’t actually part of the story, which is why it’ts not in place of a regular update.

I’m fairly interested in typography, so I’ve read a few books on the subject and I took a class at school about it. As such, doing Larry’s badge kind of pained me since I had to break some major typographic rules for it. Not the least of which is using Comic Sans. I don’t hate the font as much as others, but it gets used in a lot of places that it shouldn’t.

I’m watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars television show while I doing the digital touchups and uploading it. This is useful because it can be kind of boring to do the digital erasing. But it’s hard because I keep getting distracted. The first season or two were easy to only pay partial attention to, but now it’s gotten much more exciting. Maybe I’ll need to find a different show to have playing in the background while I do this…